Get the best out of Smart Bikes bike

Choosing your bike

The Smart Bikes by Infralobo system includes 30 electric pedal assist (Pedelec) bikes. How do you choose the right bike for you?

Need the bike for a longer period?

Choose a bike with a higher battery level. Battery level information is displayed on the bike screen located between the handlebars. If a bike is locked, press the horn button to view this information.

Going for a long ride?

Choose a bike with a higher battery level by checking the dashboard. If the screen is blank, wake the bike up by pressing the horn.

Pedal easily

You can easily adjust your bike seat to your size by raising or lowering the saddle height.

Smart Bikes by Infralobo are equipped with a basket on the front to hold any cargo you might have, ensuring a convenient and comfortable ride.

Be aware of where you are

Make sure you are not getting too far away from the system’s designated area. Consult the Maps to learn the zones of operation and avoid extra fees.

Use the Smart Bikes by Infralobo Mobile App for help on the go

Unlock your bike

Don’t have your membership card? Use the Mobile App on your smartphone to unlock it. Simply login on your device and choose the bike you want to ride by entering its number.


The bike number is located under the steering post, directly beneath the handlebar.


Check the status of all stations in real-time, including on your favourite docking station or the one closest to you at the time.

Keep track of your ride time

As you enjoy your ride, use the convenient bike screen timer to keep an eye on your rental time. Additionally, the clock on the Smart Bikes by Infralobo Mobile App can be set to alert you when your rental time is coming to an end.


Use the website and Mobile App to track your bike routes, see how far you have travelled, the time of your trips, and much more!